Google Flights Price Guarantee Can Pay You Back Up to $500

Google Flights Price Guarantee

Google Flights Price Guarantee Can Pay You Back Up to $500

Google is testing out a new price guarantee program for Google Flights. If the price drops on select flights, Google will pay you back.

On Google Flights, you can already see whether current prices are low, typical, or high compared to historical averages. Now, Google is going a step further. If you see a flight with the price guarantee badge, it means that Google is certain that the price you see today won’t get any lower before takeoff. Eligible flights have a colorful price badge when you pick your departing and returning flights.

Google with monitor the price on eligible flights, every day until departure, and if it does go down, it will send you back the difference via Google Pay. That means that you can book with the confidence that you’re not missing out on a great deal.

During this pilot program, price guarantees are only available for ‘Book on Google’ itineraries that depart from the United States. You will also need to have a US address and phone number.

This feature was offered for a limited time back in 2019.

How Much Can You Get Back?

Price guarantee pays you the difference between the flight price when you book and the lowest ticket price. To get money back, the price difference must be greater than 5 USD. You can receive up to 500 USD back total per calendar year for up to 3 open Price guaranteed bookings at any one time. This happens after the first flight in the booked itinerary has taken off.

Google says you should receive the difference within 48 hours from when you took off, assuming you already have Google Pay set up. You can find more details here.

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