GiftCardMall Slashes Monthly Limit for Portal Cashback

GiftCardMall Slashes Monthly Limit for Portal Cashback

GiftCardMall is a one of the most popular online sources for gift card purchases. They have a wide variety of gift cards and you can even earn cashback when going through shopping portals, normally 1% or a just a bit higher. Until now, cashback was limited to $60K per month on GiftCardMall purchases. After that limit was reached, purchases would not earn any cashback at all.

Now now that limit has been drastically reduced. The news comes from Doctor of Credit that cites an email that was sent out to affiliates.

The Terms & Conditions for this program have been changed and now the monthly cap for order revenue has moved from $60K to $2K per individual. If an individual consumer spends more than $2K a month, the additional amounts will be corrected out.

This change will go into effect on June 29th, 2020.

Guru’s Wrap-up

If you were using GiftCardMall often, then this limits your monthly purchases to just $2,000 for earning cashback. That cashback often makes GiftCardMall one of the cheaper options for gift cards. But at least you have about one more week to take advantage on the current limits, if you haven’t already done so this month.

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