Get Free UPS Smart Pickup Plus Discounts

Sign up now and get one free year of UPS Smart Pickup plus:

  • 20% off domestic air and international shipments
  • 10% off UPS Ground

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Although it says that you get one free year, the confirmation says that you’ll have it through 2026, so 10 years. I suggest you sign up here right away. As Eric points out in comment below, fine print says that “there will be no charge for UPS Smart Pickup for the first 52 weeks from date of enrollment”, so I really doubt it will last for 10 years.

This is working for new and existing customers. Just go to link above, log in, select your account and click continue. You should see confirmation.

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The UPS Smart Pickup option uses innovative technology to automatically arrange a pickup only when you have packages to ship. UPS will pick up the package the same day or the next day. This should be great for those that do a lot of online sales and have to make many trips to UPS.

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2 thoughts on “Get Free UPS Smart Pickup Plus Discounts

  1. I just signed up even though I probably don’t need it. It doesn’t say that it’s free until 2026. I think that is for the 20% off. If you read through the T&C after signing up it clearly says “Customer will receive the following Incentives and there will be no charge for UPS Smart Pickup® for the first 52 weeks from date of enrollment, regardless of Customer’s weekly gross transportation charges.”

    • I think the 2026 is just a glitch, they added 10 years instead of 1. From the confirmation it looks like smart pickup and the discounts should last till 2026. T&C that you quoted makes it very unlikely tho. Thanks for info, i’ll update.

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