Get $10 When You Sign Up For TopCashBack Plus $15 Referrals

If you don’t have an account at then this is a good time to sign up, during their “Spring Tell a Friend Event”. You can get $10 when you sign up through a referral link and the referrer will get $15. The person that was referred must sign up to TopCashback from referral link and earn $10 payable cashback or more. This promo ends at 2:00am PST May 4, 2016.

topcashback 15

This is my referral link. To get yours, you need to go to Account (top right) and click on Tell-A-Friend. It should look like this ““.

Terms and Conditions

During this promotion the referred member (new member) will receive a $10 sign up bonus, and the referring member (member sending referral link) will receive a $15 Tell-A-Friend bonus, when the below Terms and Conditions are adhered to.

  1. To be eligible for the Tell-A-Friend sign up bonus, the new member must join via a valid referral link, as a new member between 2:00am PST April 13, 2016 and 2:00am PST May 4, 2016.
  2. The use of is still bound by the standard Terms and Conditions and existing Tell-A-Friend Terms & Conditions.
  3. We reserve the right to void eligibility for the Shared Tell-A-Friend sign up bonus if we believe a signup is not a genuine, new TopCashback member.
  4. Upon joining in this time period via a referral link, the new member will be eligible for $10 cash back being added to their account.
  5. Once the new member reaches $10 in payable cash back earnings, both the new and referring member will be able to request their bonus cash back via the usual payment page, within the account section of the TopCashback site.
  6. The $10 sign-up credit will only be available to withdraw once the new member has earned a minimum of $10 in payable cash back.
  7. There is no cut-off period by which the new member must earn the $10 payable cash back to ‘release’ the $10 sign up credit for the new member and $15 bonus for the referring member.
  8. If joining TopCashback from a referral/Tell-A-Friend link during this promotional period, the $10 sign-up credit will not count towards the $10 threshold you need to reach before yours or your friend’s Tell-A-Friend bonus will become Payable.

One thought on “Get $10 When You Sign Up For TopCashBack Plus $15 Referrals

  1. There was a period where my transactions on TCB failed to track. Later I realized it was because my adblock was activated and the cookies used to track the transactions are blocked. So make sure you disable your adblock when you use TCB!

    Here is my referral link if you want to join and we both get $10:

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

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