Frontier Airlines is Offering Extra $50 Voucher for Cancellations. Should You Do It?

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Frontier Airlines is Offering Extra $50 Voucher for Cancellations. Should You Do It?

Just like other airlines, Frontier is waiving fees and issuing refunds due to coronavirus. But they are doing something that other airlines are not. They are offering customers an extra $50 voucher if they choose to cancel flights. When you cancel your booking for travel between March 22 and June 17, 2020 by March 23, 2020 you will be eligible to receive a $50 per person voucher for future travel. Your $50 per person voucher can be redeemed through December 31, 2020, for travel through the end of Frontier’s then available schedule. This is in addition to a credit applicable to a future Frontier flight for the full amount of your unused ticket.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Enter your confirmation code and last name on the MY TRIPS page.
  • Select to cancel your flight – NO CANCELLATION FEES WILL BE APPLIED.
  • You will automatically receive your credit for future use.
  • You can expect your additional $50 per person voucher via email within 72 hours of your cancellation.

To qualify for the $50 per person voucher and flight credit, you must cancel your flight on or before Monday, March 23. This offer is valid for flights March 22 – June 17.

Guru’s Wrap-up

Frontier Airlines will likely have to cancel many flights anyway. So instead them having to cancel your flights and issue you a full refund, they want to you cancel for the extra $50 voucher. But if you cancel, instead of a full refund, you will get Frontier credit for the amount you paid. That credit needs to be used withing 90 days of cancellation. You just need to book within 90 days, but travel dates can be later on. And the extra $50 credit needs to be used by 12/31/20 but again, can be for travel after that.

Should you get the extra $50 in credit? During this times I would probably just go for the cash, especially if we’re talking about more expensive flights. Airlines are struggling to stay afloat, so credit could be worth nothing in the following months. Either way, you need to decide today.


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