Freebird, Get $25 Credit for Uber Rides with Code ATOMVIP

Freebird, the app that rewards you for taking Uber rides to specific merchants, has a new promotion. You can get $25 back when you use promo code ATOMVIP on Freebird. It’s possible that the code only works for rides to movie theaters, but worth trying anyway. You’ll get either $25 or the price of the ride, whichever is less.

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Guru’s Wrap-Up

A pretty good bonus that should work for everyone, hopefully on all rides. Let me know how it works out.

If you don’t have an account, you can download the app, connect it to your Uber account and then enter promo code FREERIDE to get $25 credit. Also use promo code S9629 to get another $5 off your first two rides, which stacks for $30 off your first ride.


M1 Finance $50 Bonus

2 thoughts on “Freebird, Get $25 Credit for Uber Rides with Code ATOMVIP

  1. Currently you can added these codes. You can add codes after sign up 🙂

    * $10 Bonus on first 2 Rides: ea7a6
    * $10 off your first three rides : 3TENBACK
    * $5 on 1 ride: URBDAY1

  2. Sign up Here and get up to $50 cashback in return based on your ride total amount
    All the below codes can be stackable. Make sure to add them in the Promo codes tab once you sign up Freebird App.
    $10 Bonus on First 2 Rides- Promo Code “sd389″
    $5 off for each ride of 5 rides – Promo Code “5for5”
    $10 Uber Credit – Promo Code “GOLONG”
    You will get cashback for all the uber and lyft rides (Minimum $0.5 back).

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