Freebird Offering Double Points on Uber/Lyft Rides

Freebird has a new promotion till the end of the month, doubling the points you earn for rides. Not a huge boost, but still something extra. This is an app that gives you cashback for taking Uber and Lyft rides.

Freebird Offering Double Points


All points rides taken from now thru March 31st will earn 500 points, instead of the regular 250 points. If a location looks like it’s 250 points, don’t fear! When you tap on the destination, it will show as 500 points. Plus, one lucky user that takes the 100,000th ride will get a whopping 100,000 points!

5,000 Points are needed to cash out $10. So 500 points are just $1 and if you’re lucky to get the 100,000th ride you’ll get $200.

Offer Terms

  • 500 points promotion starts at 4PM Pacific on March 25th and runs thru March 31st.
  • One user will receive 100,000 points for taking the 100,000th ride in March.

Guru’s Wrap-up

You;re getting $1 minimum for every ride, instead of the usual 50 cents till the end of the month. It’s worth getting the app if you take Uber and Lyft often. It’s some extra cash with no extra effort. If you are a new user you can also get a few discounts on your first rides:

  • $10 off your first 3 rides when you use promo code 3TENBACK
  • $5 off your first two rides with code S9629
  • $5 back when you use promo code URBDAY1 till 11/30/2019
  • $10 back when you use promo code GOLONG

Some of these codes could stack. You need to enter them in the Freebird app, not Uber or Lyft. Just add them all and then see which one makes sense to use first.

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