Freebird, Earn Extra Cashback with Your Uber Rides and ~$40 Bonus

Update: Freebird now supports Lyft as well. Just connect your Lyft app to Freebird to start earning cashback, the same way you earn with Uber rides.

Freebird is an app that enables you to earn cashback from things that you already do, such as taking an Uber. The app is vailable for iOS and Android-based devices. You can earn $25 in ride credit for your first ride, $10 in referral bonuses, and another $6 in rewards for completing a few tasks.

You use the app to get Uber, same as on the Uber app. Once you take your ride on Uber, you earn cashback by visiting participating merchants such as bars, restaurants, stores etc. when you buy something with a credit or debit card that’s linked to your Freebird account. When your cashback goes from “pending” to “posted”, you can transfer the cash straight to your checking account.

First Ride Free

freebird app review

You download the app, connect it to your Uber account and then enter promo code FREERIDE to get $25 credit. The credit is only good for your first Uber ride when using Freebird. It expires on 3/31/2019.

$10 Referral Bonus

Use promo code S9629 to get $5 off your first two rides. So for the first ride, you should be able to stack this and the $25 first ride bonus, for a free $30 ride.

$6 When You Complete Tasks

freebird app review

The app will give you points for completing a few tasks. The first 1,000 points that I earned are for activating account (500) and linking my Uber account (500).

You can earn another 1,000 points for linking a card and a 1,000 points for adding a payout card, which is an option to redeem cashback. 5,000 points are worth $10.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

It’s easy to earn the extra cashback that can be transferred to your checking account or to a card. If you take Uber often, it could add up, as long as you’re going to participating merchants. A good idea for rides to bars, where most likely you will have a drink or two. Hopefully they have a good selection of participating merchants in your area.

And it should stack with other apps that offer cashback on Uber rides.

RebatesMe $40 bonus

5 thoughts on “Freebird, Earn Extra Cashback with Your Uber Rides and ~$40 Bonus

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  4. Sign up Here and get up to $70 cashback in return based on your ride total amount
    All the below codes can be stackable. Make sure to add them in the Promo codes tab once you sign up Freebird App.
    $10 Bonus on First 2 Rides- Promo Code “w4d22″
    First Ride Free up to $25 – Promo Code “FREERIDE”
    $25 Uber Credit – Promo Code “ATOMVIP”
    $10 Uber Credit – Promo Code “GOLONG”
    You will get cashback for all the uber and lyft rides (Minimum $0.5 back).
    I’ve saved about $100 with rides and sign up bonus.

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