Try T-Mobile for 30 Days for Free with Text, Data and WiFi Calling

free T-Mobile for 30 Days

Try T-Mobile for 30 Days for Free with Text, Data and WiFi Calling

T-Mobile is once again offering its “Test Drive” deal for those who are not T-Mobile customers. This deal gets you a free hot spot to let you try out T-Mobile’s network for 30 days (or up to 30GB of data, whichever comes first). This way you can check out how T-Mobile’s data speeds and coverage work on their existing devices.

The company has offered this deal in the past. This new Test Drive offer doesn’t require customers to switch phones, making it potentially more useful. Even if you don’t plan to switch, you can get a free 30GB T-Mobile hot spot for a month.

The promotion is only open to non-T-Mobile customers. T-Mobile for Business, Metro by T-Mobile or customers of T-Mobile partners using the T-Mobile network are all considered current customers. The plan doesn’t include international use, and it’s limited to just a single trial per user.

T-Mobile notes that the offer is available for a limited time while supplies last. So if you plan to participate, it’s best to sign up sooner than later.

How it Works

Here’s how it works:
  • Start your free trial
  • You get the Test Drive device to pair with your phone, so you can try out T-Mobile using your own number and all your apps.
  • See what it’s like, before switching. It’s free—no strings attached.
  • Experience data, text, and Wi-Fi calling in your home or on the go when you test drive the T-Mobile network for 30 days or 30GB.

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