Reward of $10 or More From PayPal When You Spend $150 (YMMV)

PayPal is in a generous mood and is giving out free rewards. Well not to me, but you might have better luck. If you spend $150 or more with PayPal and you could earn a mystery reward between $10 and $100.

PayPal mystery promo

Offer is available to recipients of an invitation from PayPal, 18+ years of age, but everyone can check if you qualify by visiting the promo page and entering your PayPal log in info. Do it before 11/30/15. The reward will be applied to your next Paypal purchase in December.

I didn’t get the email invitation but I tried my luck and I didn’t qualify for the promo. The positive result would look like this picture from the luckier DoC.


He also notes that gift card purchases might be enough to fulfill the requirements.

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