Free Revel Rideshare App Credit, Get Up to $410 (Expires 12/31/22)

Free Revel Rideshare App Credit, Get Up to $410

Update: Revel has confirmed that it will honor the credit for those who claimed it. You’ll have until the end of the year to use it. “Well, that was crazy – a bunch of our promo codes went viral this week. While it was completely unexpected, we’re happy you’re here! You’re probably wondering what happens now. Yes, we’re going to honor the ride credit in your account until it expires on 12/31/22.”

Open or download the Revel app. Click on redeem code to save each of the following codes to your account, one at a time, for a total of $400 ride credit!

These are the codes:

  • DANNYZ3018 ($30)
  • ANDREW ($50)
  • WEWORK50
  • CAMERON ($20)
  • BEDFORD ($20)
  • WBPLZ ($20)
  • NIGEL20
  • RIDE10
  • RIDE20
  • RIDEFREE ($20)
  • BLUE10
  • BLUE20
  • REVEL10
  • REVEL20
  • REVEL30
  • RIDE50

Revel rides are currently available in select cities only such as NYC, Washington DC, San Francisco and Miami. They also have mopeds. Just use these codes quickly before they’re all used up. A couple of them are already dead.

HT: DansDeals

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