Free AppleTV & 3 Months of TV for $38/$48, Now Through TopCashBack

There’s a great offer for a free Apple TV 4K 32GB when you sign up and pay for three months of DIRECTV Now service. Once you stack it with a BankAmeriDeals offer and some cash back, you end up paying just $48 in total for the Apple TV and 3 months of service. You can order a maximum of 2 per household. I posted this deal back in February 12th, and then again on February 17th as the offer was extended until 4/11/2018. The offer has changed again. A $22 rebate is no longer available through BeFrugal, but it’s now showing on TopCashBack.

TopCashBack, Free Apple TV with 3 Months of DIRECTV Now!

free apple tv

Before this offer was available through BeFrugal, but they removed it. TopCashBack has now added the same offer. Get a FREE 4K Apple TV (32 GB) For $0 when you prepay 4-months of DIRECTV NOW. Starting at $35/mo. For a limited time only, it has been changed to just 3 months. That makes the offer $35 better.

Plus you get $22 back for signing up for DIRECTV Now!

BankAmeriDeals DIRECTV Now Offer

Earn $35 cash back when you get DIRECTV Now! No annual contract and no cable or satellite hardware – sign up and stream instantly.

Offer Terms

  • Offer expires 4/11/2018.
  • Offer valid one time only. New customers only.
  • Excludes DIRECTV satellite service.
  • Must pay 1 monthly DIRECTV NOW bill of at least $35 by 3/2/2018 using the card associated with the offer to earn $35 cash back to your eligible debit or credit card.
  • $35 cash back will be delivered to account at least 30 days after your qualifying payment is made.

Stacking Offers

You start out at TopCashBack. You sign up for DIRECTV Now and pay for 3 months of service for a total of $105. You get $22 cashback from TopCashBack which brings the cost down to $83. If you do not have a TopCashBack account you also get a $10 sing up bonus through a referral link.

If you have the BankAmeriDeals offer, you should pay with your Bank of America credit card to receive $35 cash back. That brings the price down to $48, or $38 for new TopCashBack customers. You only have until 4/11 to use the BankAmeriDeals offer.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

This is a great deal, especially for those who are targeted for BankAmeriDeals offer. It could be a moneymaker of about $80-$100 through reselling, if you’re not interested in Apple TV at all. Otherwise you get Apple TV and 3 months of service for just $48. Down to $38 if you don’t have a TopCashBack account.

Even without the BankAmeriDeals offer it’s still a good deal. Use your Chase Ink Plus Card to earn 5x Chase Ultimate Rewards Points. That’s a 525 UR points.

HT: milestomemories

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