Crazy! FAA Stops Flights in NYC, Philly and More

flights stopped nyc

FAA Stops Flights Out of NYC, Philly and More

The coronavirus is spreading rapidly around the world (nearly 300,000 cases) and especially in the United States. New York is one of the hardest hit areas, at least when it comes to confirmed cases. There are over 22,000 cases nationwide and over 10,300 of them are in New York State. The virus has already affected travel, but the latest news from the FAA is taking it to a new level. The Federal Aviation Administration is stopping all departures at all New York City area airports, Philadelphia, and others due to staffing issues related to the coronavirus.

For now there will be no flights out the affected airports from 5:45PM on Saturday March 21, until 3:00AM on Sunday March 22. That is not a very long stoppage, but it could be a sign of things to come as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread around the country. You can see the list of affected airports in this tweet:

A later tweet says that now the FAA is clearing all aircraft from New York City airspace. Inbound flights are now being diverted. Update: It appears NYC area airports will now allow incoming aircraft.

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9 thoughts on “Crazy! FAA Stops Flights in NYC, Philly and More

  1. About time a state takes some action. Hawaii is also becoming tough. Governor just implemented a 14 day quarantine for a travelers and returning residents. You must stay inside your hotel room for 2 week or risk 1 year in jail and $5000 fine. Then if your staying longer then 2 weeks good luck everything is closed resturants take out only, all parks and beaches closed, all attractions closed all non-essential business closed. In addition locals are protesting airports and waikiki holding signs your not welcome here and go home. If you are trying to travel to Hawaii now your foolish and deserve the harsh treatment you will receive.

  2. They should stop domestic flights for good and not just for a few hours. Number are way up today all over the country. Compared to other countries we are faring worse. The flatten the curve campaign isn’t working. People are going to the beach and having parties still. We are nit taking this seriously.

  3. What kind of morons are doing this… if everybody would go back to normal and wash their hands we could get back to normal life. The govt seems to have made every wrong decision possible through all of this.

    • Hey Lisa the Government can’t make everyone stop and wash their hands. The Government made no wrong decisions it’s the unclean morons with their dirty hands and faces into everyone else’s that caused this! Why don’t you buy a ticket on the last plane to JFK later today and tell New Yorkers who think they know everything to wash their hands!

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