Fee Free Visa Gift Cards From GiftCardMall

GiftCarMall has a great promo going on that will give you almost fee free Visa gift cards and you can even make a profit through shopping portals. You will receive $5 on Visa gift cards when you use the promo code 5OFF. These are PIN enabled gift cards.


The offer is available till 11/27/16, up to a maximum of 12,000 Visa card units, so hurry if you need to meet any minimum spend requirements or just earn some points.

Make sure you go through a shopping portal to earn 1.25% back on Visa gift card purchases. SimplyBestCoupons and TopCashBack have the best rates. You’ll actually end up making about $5 per card plus whatever points/miles you get from your credit card.

GiftCardMall tends to cancel orders during their security screening process to avoid fraud. Let me know if it works for you. I placed 3 orders, and one was canceled so far.


12 thoughts on “Fee Free Visa Gift Cards From GiftCardMall

  1. I’ve been loading up on gift cards this last week. I’m taking a roadtrip for thanksgiving. i’ll go Walmart hopping

  2. Question is whether TCB will pay the cash back. Another question is how to liquidate the cards in NYC since it is not possible to do so by buying MOs at USPS.

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