How to Set the Frequency of Email You Receive from Danny the Deal Guru

As I post more articles daily, I think a few readers are getting bombarded with too many emails from my site. I received a couple of emails with questions on how to change the setting for the frequency of emails. I guess some people are tired of their inbox looking like this:

Here’s the trick.

You can go to this link and there you should see all the WordPress hosted websites that you follow, Danny the Deal Guru being one of them. If you click on Setting, you should see the following options pop up.

email frequency danny the deal guru

You can choose to receive emails for new posts instantly, daily or weekly. You can also go crazy and receive emails for new comments.

The site also has an instant notification option that will give you pop ups on your screen when a post goes live. I use this option very rarely, only for great deals that are also time sensitive.

Let me know if this helps. And, hopefully it will keep some readers from unsubscribing. Also let me know if you have any other tips or anything that you might like to see changed in the site. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

And as always thank you to everyone who reaches out by email, or comments!

2 thoughts on “How to Set the Frequency of Email You Receive from Danny the Deal Guru

  1. Hi, this link didn’t work for me… is there another way? Thanks! The account I receive your messages with is not the one listed below :/

    • That’s the only way I think. At least that’s what WordPress told me. If anyone can help with another method it would be greatly appreciated.

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