Earn 5x Points in Samsung Pay in June

Samsung Pay is offering 5x points this month, which is a nice added bonus. But with their recent devaluation, the points are no longer as valuable as they used to be.

Earn 5x Points in Samsung Pay in June


For the month of June, Samsung Rewards members earn 5x points per Samsung Pay transaction, so Platinum users earn 15 points each time they check out.

Guru’s Wrap-up

Obviously much better than the usual rate, but as mentioned above, points are not worth much nowadays.



One thought on “Earn 5x Points in Samsung Pay in June

  1. For the past several months, the points don’t even show up on my app. With the devaluation and the difficulty in getting the points, I’ve given up on Samsung Pay. It was good in the beginning; but like most good things, they come to an end.

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