Samsung Pay Rewards Program Gets Worse

The Samsung Pay Rewards program has lost lots of value recently. Just a year ago they cut the earning rates and then devalued points. Now there’s more negative changes with lower limits on points that you can earn on each transaction. For the Platinum level, you’re now limited to 3 points per transaction, down from 20 points. Points earned on gift cards purchases have been increased to 30 points at least. There’s not much value left in the program.

Samsung Pay Rewards Program Gets Worse


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3 thoughts on “Samsung Pay Rewards Program Gets Worse

  1. What makes this even worse is they want you to buy points from them. And the little points you earn expire so quickly.

  2. I’m sure this was their intention all along The high points system in the beginning of the program was the incentive to draw customers to use the service Now, with a successful service in place, Samsung hopes to retain those customers through “found convenience” alone, and wean off the entire rewards program.

    • Very possible. I’m sure there’s plenty of people who might have switched to a Samsung device just for the rewards.

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