Dough Trading App Shutting Down, Moving to Tastyworks

Dough Trading App Shutting Down, Moving to Tastyworks

Dough is shutting down. If you have an account, you will probably receive an email soon to announce the closure.

Dough will be ceasing operations as a broker-dealer, and all open accounts on Monday, October 11, will be set to closing-only going forward, which means you’ll only be able to close positions. You have several option you can take before dough’s last day of business on Friday, October 29, so that you can plan your next steps for you to close your Dough account by either withdrawing any funds in the account and/or a transfer (“ACAT”) of any existing securities positions that remain in your account.

What are my next steps?

You have one of three options. We want to make sure that your next step goes smoothly, no matter which option you choose. Your three options below are spelled out below with the accompanying FAQ that you can refer to below. Please read your options below carefully regarding your dough account.

  • Outgoing ACATS Transfer to another brokerage firm or Transfer to tastyworks (for free before October 29)
  • Close your positions and withdraw via ACH
  • Take No Action To Close Your Dough Account Securities, Futures, or Cash Balances

Check out more details here.

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