Earn Double Cash Back on Bank of America BankAmeriDeals Next Weekend

Double Cash Back BankAmeriDeals

Earn Double Cash Back on Bank of America BankAmeriDeals

Update: This promotion will run again on April 22-23.

Bank of America is running a “Double Cash Back Days” promotion this weekend for its BankAmeriDeals offers. To qualify for double cash back, you must activate dining or retail BankAmeriDeals before making a purchase at the merchant with an eligible Bank of America debit or credit card. This promotion will only run on 3/13/2021 or 3/14/2021.

Double cash back will apply to the amount earned for each eligible deal. You will first receive the initial cash back that is listed in the offer, and then within a week it will be matched and reflected on the Earned tab in your account.

Offer Terms

  • Offer valid 3/13/2021 or 3/14/2021.
  • Excluded from this offer are all non-dining & non-retail deals such as travel, lodging, subscriptions & service-based deals.

Guru’s Wrap-up

These BankAmeriDeals from Bank of America are similar to Chase Offer, and in fact they usually have the same offers. Double cash back should make these offers much better, so take a look at your accounts and make sure to use the ones you can today and tomorrow.


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