DoorDash, $20 Discount on Pickup Orders for DashPass Members

doordash $20 off pickup

DoorDash, $20 Discount on Pickup Orders for DashPass Members

Update: Looks like this promotion has expired just a couple of days after it was launched. It was supposed to work through 8/23.

DoorDash has a new offer for DashPass members. You can get $20 off any eligible pickup orders when you place an order online or via the DoorDash app and apply promo code DDPICKUP20 at checkout. You must select the pickup option from an eligible Dashpass Restaurant for the discount to apply. This is part of their Summer of DashPass deals.

Offer Terms

  • One-time use per account.
  • Valid 8/17-8/23
  • The order pickup option may not be available at all locations.

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Guru’s Wrap-up

A nice deal for those who have DashPass and it should be worth getting it just for these summer deals. Chase cardholders also get DoorDash benefits such as free DashPass and $60 DoorDash credit. If you don’t have a DoorDash account, you can also get $5 off your first three orders when you sign up.

Now DoorDash also includes convenience stores. So you should have more options to choose from, even for household supplies and snacks from stores like 7-Eleven, WaWa etc. You can save 10% on DoorDash orders if you use your Chase cards. Check out more deals for food delivery apps here.

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4 thoughts on “DoorDash, $20 Discount on Pickup Orders for DashPass Members

  1. Really unfortunate. I chatted with a support agent, they reached the “redemption limit”, even though the date clearly says until 8/23. I held off ordering the other day to wait until today, learned my lesson, don’t trust the date. Unfortunate that support won’t do anything to help either. Why even have the dash pass?

  2. I signed up for the DashPass and not able to use the promotion.
    when I enter the promo code I get the error “This is not a valid promotion”.
    It says promotion valid till 8/23 but not able to apply it for “pickup” order.
    Just a deceptive marketing tactic.I contacted the doordash support and got this response.

    “That should be the validity of the promotion.
    But, since the Promotion already reached its redemption cap,
    it ended last night, August 18, 2020 at 11:59 PM PST instead of the end date of August 23, 2020.”

  3. Totally worthless. I got the Chase Doordash offer and signed up. When attempting to place an order today with the coupon, I receive the message that my account is deactivated or disabled on the P.C., and another message denying me the ability to place the order on the app. A chat had the rep tell me everything was fine, and I should log in and out and try again, which I already did, and did again. Then, she told me to try another browser. I replied okay. Her reply to that was acknowledging it and intentionally ending the chat. I then called, and the rep also told me everything was fine, and I should send a screenshot. 5 minutes later, when we were still on the line, I got an email stating I had just cancelled my Doorpass, which I didn’t. Then, I was cut off of the call. A third contact, the rep told me to reply to the email with a screenshot. I then replied with a screenshot to the email which had a reference number on it, and got a reply (with the screenshot I sent) asking ‘How am I able to help you”. This whole thing is a total joke.

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