DIRECTV Settlement, Get $324+ If You Received Unwanted Telemarketing Calls

DIRECTV Settlement for Telemarketing Calls

DIRECTV has agreed to a settlement in a class action that claimed that its dealer AC1, based in Ohio, made telemarketing calls to people whose numbers were on the National Do Not Call Registry, without consent.

The two parties spent more than five years in Court fighting this case. Shortly after an appeals court decided to hear DIRECTV’s appeal, both sides agreed to a Settlement. The Settlement gives Settlement Class Members guaranteed payments now whereas in a trial, Class Members might get nothing or might get payments only years from now.

A total of113,997 known numbers that received calls. Eligible class members will receive a share from a $16.85 million Settlement Fund. This fund will also be used to pay the costs of notifying people about the Settlement, the lawyers’ fees, and awards to the people who helped bring the lawsuit.

Who’s Eligible?

The Court decided that all people who fit this definition are part of the Settlement Class: 

  • All persons within the United States (a) whose telephone numbers were listed on the Do Not Call Registry, and (b) who received more than one telemarketing call within any twelve-month period from AC1.  
  • The Settlement Class encompasses only those persons associated with 113,997 telephone numbers listed in a sealed court filing, Exhibit G to the Expert Report of Anya Verkhovskaya.  Dkt. 301. 
  • That list of phone numbers was obtained from telephone calling records kept by DIRECTV’s dealer, AC1. The phone numbers were used to identify certain Settlement Class Members who should have received Notice via postcard or email. 
  • If you received a postcard or emailed notice advising you of this Settlement, your name is associated with a phone number that received allegedly illegal telemarketing calls from AC1, and you should submit a claim for payment. 

If you did not receive a postcard or emailed notice, you may still submit a Claim Form listing your phone number. If your phone number is on the list of 113,997, you may be entitled to payment.  You can also check to see if your number is on the list, and then submit a Claim Form.

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Settlement Payout

DIRECTV will pay $16.85 million to settle this case. That money will go into a “Settlement Fund” to pay for everything related to the Settlement. Most of the money will go to Settlement Class Members who submit valid Claim Forms.

If 20% of class members submit valid claims, we estimate that the average cash payment will be $461; the minimum cash payment would be an estimated $324. 

However, we don’t know enough right now to give you an exact number. The exact number will depend on how many class members submit claims, and how many calls in the class those class members received. (There are 113,997 class members, and they received a total of 324,943 calls. Every class member received at least two calls, and some received more. The average class member received 2.85 calls.) 

We also do not know the amount of fees, costs, and other expenses. The Settlement Website will periodically be updated to provide the estimated payment amount based on the number of participating Settlement Class Members.

To get a payment you have to complete and submit a valid Claim Form no later than August 7, 2023. Please file your claim electronically. You can get payment by a check or electronically through Zelle, PayPal, Venmo, and direct deposit. You can also fill out the paper Claim Form. Call toll-free, 1-866-211-3496 for a paper copy.

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DIRECTV Settlement Details

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