Delta’s Lack Of An Award Chart Strikes Again! Europe Is 19,000 Miles More Expensive

Delta doesn’t have an award chart. They treat both their paid and award tickets the same way, so you are not guaranteed a fixed price. There’s also no way to tell really if their usual sales are really sales as there’s no chart to compare those prices to. The no chart system also allows Delta to devalue SkyMiles without actually announcing it to its loyalty program members.

Even though it’s been a while they had an award chart, award prices haven’t really changed much until now. But, one of those devaluation has happened recently. Delta award travel between the US and Europe was always priced from 86,000 SkyMiles one-way in business class. It appears that the price has been increased to 105,000 miles each way. That’s 19,000 more SkyMiles or a 22% price hike.

Delta continues to still charge 86,000 SkyMiles for many partner business class award tickets. So that might be the best route for now if you have a stash of SkyMiles.

This could be just a temporary pricing. We’ll have to wait and see.

HT: One Mile at a Time

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