Drinking on Delta Flights Just Got More Expensive

Flying has been getting cheaper recently. Ticket prices have become more affordable across the board. But airlines continue to find ways to make you pay more on other things such as checked bags, cancellation fees etc. In-flight food and drinks ar also a source of revenue and the latter has gotten more expensive on some airline. Now Delta is joining that group, by raising their drink prices this month.

Delta drink prices
As of December 1, passengers flying economy on Delta can expect to pay $1 extra for in-flight alcoholic beverages, as the airline quietly upped its prices. It may not seem like a huge bump, but you’ll now pay $9 for featured cocktails, wine, imported beer, or liquor, and $8 for domestic beer. Sparkling wine fans are spared from the hike. The price will remain at $9.

The price increase doesn’t affect everyone. If you’re flying in Delta Comfort+ or above, you’ll still receive complimentary beer, wine, and cocktails during your trip. Also, passengers in all cabins will still get free alcoholic beverages when flying internationally.

American Airlines and Southwest raised their drink prices wall wall earlier this year, also by $1 for most of them.

There’s a few tricks to get free drinks though, even if you didn’t want to pay for more expensive seats.

“We give away free drinks all the time. If you’re nice and come to the back rather than ringing your call light. If you’re cute. If you don’t ask for a receipt. But the number one way is to bring us treats” a flight attendant told Thrillist.

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