Coronavirus Latest: Disney Springs to Reopen, Team Sells Cutouts to Fill Stadiums, Shocking Grubhub Bill for Restaurants & More

Coronavirus Latest News

Coronavirus Latest News

Instead of blasting you with coronavirus (COVID-19) news every hour, I’m putting together a roundup of news that I come across during the day. Here you can read about Disney Springs reopening without Disney for now, German soccer club selling fan cutouts for $20 to fill up stadium, buy hotel bonds and get 50% bonus, Qantas shelves plans for longest flight and restaurant owner discloses what happens when you order via Grubhub by showing shocking bill.

Disney Springs to Reopen…..Without Disney For Now

The Walt Disney Company has announced a phased reopening of Disney Springs will begin on May 20, 2020, but without Disney. What does that mean? Disney Springs is essentially a mall with most stores being occupied by third party vendors. Disney is going to allow these businesses to reopen, however anything owned by Disney will remain shuttered for now.

German Soccer Club Sells Fan Cutouts for $20 to Fill Up Stadium

Fans won’t be allowed to attend Bundesliga matches when the German league returns on May 16, but one club is giving spectators a chance to partially participate matches amid the COVID-19 crisis. Borussia Mönchengladbach is selling fan cutouts to be placed in Borussia Park, beginning with the club’s match against Eintracht Frankfurt on May 16. And the cutouts are being sold at a rapid rate. Over 4,500 cutouts have been purchased as of Thursday, and another 12,000 have been ordered. Fans can purchase the cutouts for $20, per the team.

Buy Hotel “Bonds” & Get 50% Bonus In 60 Days

There is an interesting opportunity to buy hotel “bonds” (essentially gift cards) for select properties and get a 50% return in 60 days.

Qantas Shelves Plans For World’s Longest Flight

For several years Qantas has been working on what they call “Project Sunrise,” where we’d see Qantas operate nonstop flights from Melbourne and Sydney to London and New York. This is an ambitious project, as there’s no commercial aircraft currently capable of operating these 10,000+ mile flights in an economically viable way.

Restaurant owner discloses what happens when you order via Grubhub: ‘Legal robbery’

Giuseppe Badalamenti, the owner of a small Chicago pizza joint, posted a photo on Facebook that might make you wary of ordering through a third-party — at least if your goal is to help support your favorite local spot. The restaurant processed 46 orders in the month of March through the Grubhub app. The eatery made $1,042 in sales on those orders, but due to Grubhub’s commission rate, Chicago Pizza Boss only earned $376.54 of that total.

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