Citizens Bank, $150 Checking Bonus

[DEAD] Citizens Bank (also known as Charter One in MI & OH) is offering an easy $150 bonus when you open a One Deposit Checking account. You have to open the account at a physical location. The only requirement is to sign up for online banking and make five qualifying debit card payments or purchases within 45 days of opening your new checking account.

Citizens Bank 150

How to Receive the Bonus

  1. Request Your Promo Code Here
  2. Check your email for your Personal Code
  3. Open your first new One Deposit Checking account or other personal checking account
  4. Make any additional deposit (excluding the opening deposit) OR five qualifying debit card payments or purchases.
  5. Get $150.

Offer Details

  • Request Your Promo Code Here
  • Account Type: One Deposit Checking
  • Availability: Citizen’s Bank in CT, DE, MA, MI, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, and VT
  • Expiration Date: None
  • Hard Inquiry: Hard online, Soft in branch
  • Credit Card Funding: Yes, up to $1000
  • Direct Deposit Requirement: No
  • Monthly Fees: $10 (Waived with any DD)
  • Additional Requirements:  One deposit (not DD), OR 5 debit purchases or payments
  • Closing Account Fee: Must be open for 6 months

Citizens Bank just had a $200 promotion recently, and that might come around again. But still $150 is a good payout for not much effort.

9 thoughts on “Citizens Bank, $150 Checking Bonus

  1. Opened an account with them online yesterday, got everything setup for use today after they sent me their approval e-mails and then I was prevented from accessing my online account.

    I called them and they said they were closing my account because of something found with Chexsystems. I just got my Chexsystem report last week and there is nothing negative in it so it has to be because of the inquiries made by other banks/ credit unions I’ve opened this year. My credit is excellent with all the major credit reporting agencies.

    Since they also ran a hard credit pull to sign up with them, that will further count against me somewhere down the line. Not worth it. Will never deal with these clowns again.

    • I opened 3 accounts for myself and two family members back in August and had no issues. Still waiting for the bonus.

      Any idea how many bank account you’ve opened this year?

  2. Would the direct deposit requirement be fulfilled by scheduling a small, monthly deposit coming from say, Ally Bank?

  3. This term is a little confusing: “Offer only available to the person who receives this email,” Does that mean that you had to receive an email about this before submitting your info in that form or the person that receives the email with the promo code AFTER filling out this info is eligible?

    • Thanks for pointing that out, that is a bit confusing. But, since you will receive the personal code by email, I would assume that you are eligible for the promo.
      It’s always safe to double check at the branch and even get the confirmation in writing, or by email, stating your eligibility.

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