Citi Prestige $250 Travel Credit Now Based Strictly on Calendar Year

Citi Prestige $250 Travel Credit Now Based Strictly on Calendar Year

The Citi Prestige card come with a $250 travel credit credit that you can use every year. Citi has temporarily expanded the categories of purchases that qualify for the $250 Travel Credit to include Supermarkets and Restaurants (including takeout). But Doctor of Credit reports of another change that has happened recently as far as this credit is concerned.

This has to do with the cut off date for when purchases count for 2020 and when they start counting for 2021. Until recently the rule for Citi Prestige was that 2020 would “end” when your December statement ends. So the exact date would be different for everyone. But that has now been changed to exactly match the calendar year. Here’s what the terms say:

Your Card Account is eligible to receive statement credits of up to $250 per calendar year for Travel Purchases made by the Primary cardmember or Authorized Users and which appear on your billing statement during that calendar year (“Travel Credit”).

While that might be a minor change for many, it will disqualify some of the purchases made at the end of 2020, from qualifying for the 2021 credits. So you might need to adjust your calculations for the $250 credit. Make sure you take advantage of all these credits, now that the new year has started.

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