[Fixed] Chase Not Allowing Credit Card Product Changes

Chase card Product Changes

Chase Not Allowing Credit Card Product Changes

Update (Oct 4, 2022) – Looks like the issue with credit card product changes has been fixed. 

Some interesting data points have popped up in the last few days regarding Chase credit cards. Several cardholders are reporting that Chase currently is not allowing product changes to other credit cards.

Chase is turning down these requests over the phone and even through secure message. One Chase customers was told “Thank you for asking about switching your credit card account. Based on our guidelines, we determined that the switch you requested isn’t available.” Another was a Chase Sapphire Reserve cardholder for five years, trying to downgrade to Freedom. Upgrading a card is not possible either for now.

Stopping product changes altogether is a weird move by Chase. Maybe there are certain new rules, or most likely this is just a temporary halt on product changes for any possible system upgrades or technical issues. One cardholder was told that it was a policy change.

This is something that has started in the last 24-48 hours. So if you have tried to product change any Chase cards recently, please let me and other readers know in the comments if you have been successful or not.

12 thoughts on “[Fixed] Chase Not Allowing Credit Card Product Changes

  1. Policy change or not, I don’t see this being a long term thing. It doesn’t make sense for Chase to lose accounts by not offering customers No-AF options when they want to close a premium card like CSR CSP etc.

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