Restrictions Will Remain in Place for Most International Travelers to Canada

Canada Travel Restrictions

Restrictions Will Remain in Place for Most International Travelers to Canada

The Canada Border Services Agency is warning foreigners that if you’re not eligible to enter the country now, you won’t be on Monday.

On July 5th, Canada is making some changes to its Covid-19 protocol at the border, easing some of the restrictions. Fully vaccinated Canadian citizens and permanent residents will be exempt from quarantine requirements when they enter the country.

But it is important to note that travel restrictions remain in place for all foreign nationals, including U.S. citizens, seeking to travel to Canada for non-essential travel, such as tourism and recreation. Examples of non-essential travel include, but are not limited to: camping, hiking, social events, boating across the border, picking up a pet, and visiting or checking on a cottage.

U.S. citizens without a right of entry to Canada or who are not otherwise eligible to enter Canada under the travel restrictions, attempting to visit Canada for a non-essential reason will be turned away at the border, even if they are fully vaccinated.

Before heading to the border, U.S travelers should be informed and know their obligations. The Government of Canada has a website to assist travelers in finding out if they can enter Canada and, if able to enter, what their public health obligations are: Find out if you can enter Canada.

The mutual travel restrictions between Canada and the United States, which prohibit all discretionary travel between the two countries while continuing to allow the movement of trade, essential workers and international students, are due to expire July 21.

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