BJ’s Inner Circle Business Membership for $25

BJ’s Inner Circle Business discount

BJ’s Inner Circle Business Membership for $25

BJ’s has a promotion for its Business Membership, which you can now purchase for only $25. The normal price is $55, so you are getting a 55% discount.


Become a BJ’s Inner Circle Business Member for just $25 for a one year membership. The membership usually costs $55, so this is a big discount. Additionally, you can upgrade to BJ’s Perks Rewards for an extra $40 to earn 2% cash back on all purchases.

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BJ’s Business Membership

Business Membership is similar to the BJ’s Inner Circle® (Personal) Membership. It provides one Primary Business Card and one Business Free Supplemental Card, provided at no additional charge, that may only be issued to a business associate. Business Members may purchase up to eight (8) additional Supplemental Cards.

As a BJ’s Business Member you can apply for exemption from sales tax if purchasing merchandise on behalf of an exempt organization. BJ’s must have a valid, signed state Resale Organization Certificate or valid, signed state Exempt Organization Certificate, respectively, on file at the Club of Membership. The Member must accurately complete the Supplemental Certificate of Resale or Exempt Organization Certificate provided by the cashier at the time of purchase.

Guru’s Wrap-up

This is a nice discount if you have a business, and especially if you plan to file for tax exemption. But anyone can use a business membership as far as I can tell. Pricing is the same as the personal membership. If you plan to spend $2,000 or more within 12 months, then you should consider upgrading to the BJ’s Perks Rewards membership for $40 more since you earn 2% back on most purchases.

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