Best From The Rest; Amazon Returns, iConsumer Stock, Costco Fees Going Up & More

Here’s a weekly round up of posts for Week 9 of 2017. Usually every Thursday I put together a collection of news, deals and other stuff that caught my attention in the last few days. I either don’t have the expertise, or was too lazy to write about them. Or maybe they’re just fun reads and not really travel/credit cards/deals related. I’ll add more posts to it during the day if I find anything else that I think will interest you, so check back.


  • How to Get Reimbursed for Amazon Returns by Frugal Hack – This is one of the biggest problems for Amazon sellers, especially those who sell more expensive items. But even if you sell cheap items, you get hit with removal or disposal fees.
  • Costco membership fees are going up; here’s how much you’ll pay by MarketWatch – Costco announced today that it will raise basic membership fees to $60, up from $55 effective June 1. Costco’s “executive” memberships, which cost more but offer 2% rewards on Costco purchases and other perks, will increase to $120 from $110. Costco rose the maximum annual 2% reward to $1,000 from $750.
  • EU threatens to introduce visas for US travellers by BBC – The European Parliament passed a non-binding resolution on Thursday saying that US citizens should be refused visa-free access to the EU in response to American visa rules affecting citizens from five EU countries. Citizens of Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland and Romania are currently denied visa-free access to the US.

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