Best Buy CashStar Deal – $10 Bonus is a Regular Gift Card (No Exp. Date)

On July 10th I wrote about one of those Best Buy gift card deals from CashStar. You got a $10 bonus with the purchase of a $100 Best Buy gift card. The bonus was mailed out on 6/30 as expected, but this was different from other deals. The $10 code was actually a regular gift card that can be resold.

Best Buy CashStar Deal

The terms were different from previous offers, but it’s good to know that you do get regular gift cards instead of codes with an expiration date.

Keep an eye out for the next deal if you missed out on that one. It should be more useful now, even if you don’t need to buy anything at Best Buy. You can sell the gift card for up to 93% of face value, so you can make a small profit.

Hopefully this is a new trend for CashStar.

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