Best Buy Amex Offer: Earn Extra 7X Points on Purchases, Up to 2,000 Points (Targeted)

Best Buy Amex Offer

Best Buy Amex Offer: Earn Extra 7X Points on Purchases, Up to 2K

Check your American Express credit cards for a new offer that will earn you extra points on Best Buy purchases. You can find this offer in your Amex consumer and business credit cards. Check out the details of the offer below.


Get 7 additional Membership Rewards points for each dollar spent on eligible purchases made using your enrolled Card online at by 7/11/2021. Limit of 2,000 Membership Rewards points.

Offer Terms

  • Offer valid only for online purchases made at ( only) or
  • Excludes in-store purchases.

Amex Offers

Amex Offers are an extra perk on all American Express credit cards, charge cards, and even prepaid cards. You can see these offers in your accounts in two forms. Either as a statement credit or extra MR points for spending a certain amount at a specific merchant. You will need to add the offer to a specific card, and then use that card to get the credit. To add offers to a card, log into your account online, scroll down to the “Amex Offers & Benefits” section and click “Add to Card” for offers that you plan to use. You should add the offer to your preferred card. Amex Offers are now limited to just one per person. You can use the Membership Rewards version and the statement credit version of the same offer. Check out this quick way to add all offers at once. For third party Amex cards you can use this new website, American Express Connect, to check for offers and also add them to your cards. See full list of Amex Offers here.

Guru’s Wrap-up

A great offer if you have any Best Buy purchases planned. You will earn an additional 7 Membership rewards points. So if you have this offer on your Amex Blue Business Plus for example, that gives you a total of 9X on all Best Buy purchases. You are limited to an additional 2,000 points through this offer.

However this offer is targeted so sadly not all Amex cardholders will find it in their accounts.

RebatesMe $35 bonus

3 thoughts on “Best Buy Amex Offer: Earn Extra 7X Points on Purchases, Up to 2,000 Points (Targeted)

  1. Hello. First of all thank you for all the information you post. I find it very helpful! Regarding this specific offer, I do not see it in my offers. Is it only available for some cardholders or am I doing something wrong? Thanks for taking the time to reply to my query.

    • It’s targeted. I should have mentioned that, I’ll update. I only saw it in one of my cards.

      And thank you for reading the site.

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