Attorney General Sues Marriott Over Hidden Fees

Hotel chain Marriott has been sued by the District of Columbia on Tuesday over allegedly deceptive pricing practices. The chain added on hidden fees to hotel bills. The complaint says that Marriott has failed for a decade or more to disclose certain fees when it advertises prices for hotel rooms. These hidden fees sometimes add up to $95 per day. They allegedly applied to listings on Marriott’s own website and travel websites such as Expedia.

Attorney General Sues Marriott

The fees were sometimes grouped as “taxes and fees” and not presented until after customers had already entered their credit card information. In other cases, the fees were advertised as covering amenities, such as parking, that were either complimentary or that guests had to pay for when they got to the hotel even after paying a resort fee.

The lawsuit comes after an investigation into the hotel industry by all 50 states, CNBC reports. The court order is seeking force Marriott to advertise the full price of a stay as well as pay financial penalties and restitution to affected guests.

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