Application Link Available For Chase Ink Preferred With 80K Bonus


Update: As expected, the application link is live again today on November 14th And it shows the promised 80K bonus.

Apply Here

Read more about the card here.

Chase Ink Business Preferred Credit Card

The new Chase Ink Business Preferred credit card was supposed to come out on November 14th but there’s already links available if you want to apply online. These are not links that you can easily find on the website, but instead it looks like a link that wasn’t meant to go public.

Chase Credit Card Application.jpeg

The bad thing is that there’s no mention of the bonus on the application page, which was supposed to be 80,000 UR points. And unlike that early release of the Sapphire Reserve link, this one doesn’t look like it’s getting around 5/24.

There’s plenty of reports of people over 5/24 applying already and all of them have gone to pending. Pending applications don’t always mean denials, and they’re common with Chase business cards, but I don’t see any data points yet that these links will bypass 5/24.

If you’re under 5/24 then just wait till application with bonus comes around.

You can read more about the card here.

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