AMEX Offer, Pay Your Cell Bill and Get $10 – 3 Times!!!

There’s a new American Express offer, and it’s a pretty decent one. AMEX will give you $10 for up to 3 times when using the card to pay your cell phone bill. That is a total of $30 back on this offer. You need to enroll your eligible Card by 4/14/15 & pay your AT&T Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular or Verizon Wireless cell phone bill of $75+ online by 7/15/15 & get $10 back.

AMEX Offers

Log in your AMEX account and check if you have the offer. If you have it on two cards then you can use it for the next 6 months and get a total of $60 off your cell bill. Don’t forget the two browser trick to save your offer on multiple cards.

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