Amex Offer For Android Pay, Free $15 With Each Targeted Card

American Express has a new offer for Android Pay that can earn you free spending of $15 per eligible card.

Amex Offer Android Pay

The Offer

Get a $5 statement credit each time you use your enrolled Card to make a single purchase of $5 or more using Android Pay on your Android device by 5/3/2017. Limit of 3 statement credits.


  • Enrollment limited.
  • Offer valid only for a qualifying purchase made with an American Express® Card within Android Pay on your eligible mobile device.
  • Only US issued American Express Cards are eligible.
  • Corporate Cards and all prepaid card products are not eligible for this offer.
  • Limit 3 statement credit(s) per American Express® online account.
  • Statement credit will appear on your billing statement within 90 days after 5/3/2017

Guru’s Wrap-Up

This is an amazing offer from American Express that is basically giving you free money. Just add all your targeted cards to your Android Pay app and make three purchases of $5 with each one of them. I see the offer on 11 personal cards, but not on business cards.

You can use it in-store or or apps that accept Android Pay as form of payment.

8 thoughts on “Amex Offer For Android Pay, Free $15 With Each Targeted Card

  1. Today is the last day to redeem this. Use it or lose it. A day after transactions posts, you’ll see the three $5 credits.

  2. I got it in 15 cards primaries and AUs. They were on BCE, BC and Hilton cards.

    I did a trial at WAG buying GC $5, $5.05 and $5.10 in 3 transactions. All went through and I got the email confirmation for each one. I’ll keep on buying WAG GCs since I can use the funds to pay for fees on my OVs.

  3. It says “use on your eligible phone” which makes me think Android Pay online transactions are excluded.

  4. I am not sure you can use it online. It says use on your phone or in-app so must be phone based transactions only.

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