Amex Introduces Points Earning Details to Transaction History

American Express has updated its online interface. The new interface is available in Beta version for now but will likely become the default in the future. One of the new interesting features of the new interface is that it showing points earning details for each transaction. This makes it easier to figure what what each purchase has earned. The new feature that has just been rolled out doesn’t yet work properly on all cards. It wasn’t showing up on my Platinum card or Old Blue Cash card, but working on my Business Plus card for example.

To preview the new version, go to Statement & Activity and click ‘Preview New Version’ on the corner. This should take you to the new layout.

Then click on a completed transaction and you should see a few details including the points earned for the transaction.

You could do this with the older version as well but it is now more straightforward. They have to work out a few glitches still, but I like the interface. If you don’t you can always switch back to the old version for now.


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