Amex Issuing and Revoking Extra Uber Credits for Platinum/Gold Cardholders

Amex extra december Uber Credits

Amex Issuing Extra December Uber Credit for Platinum/Gold Cardholders

American Express has been issuing additional Uber credits from some Platinum and Gold cardholders today and yesterday.

As you know, the Amex Platinum Card gets $200 in Uber credits. That’s $15 every month and then $35 in December. The Amex Gold Card gets $10 every month.

But besides the December credits that I received in the beginning of the month, last night and this morning I also received another set of $10 and $35 credits from my Platinum and Gold cards.

I assumed that American Express was just being generous with extra credits, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Some of these credits have already been revoked, but not all. I expect the rest to be revoked as well. Grinchy move!

However, if you place orders before credits are revoked, it looks like Amex is only taking back whatever credit left. You will not see a negative balance, at least for now.

Update: Amex has also sent out push notifications today saying “Oops, we made an error. We accidentally added Uber Cash to your wallet, your balance should now be correct.” They are still revoking just whatever balance you have left from the erroneously issued credits. If you used them in time, it looks like you’re in the clear.

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