How to Get the 20K Offer on the Amex Blue Business Plus Card

The Amex Blue Business Plus credit card originally launched with a 20,000 Membership Rewards bonus. The bonus was removed soon after. We have seen 10,000 points bonuses after that, and that bonus has been back this week. It’s even possible to get the 10,000 points bonus through referrals and the referer will also get 10K as well.

amex blue business plus 20k offer

But it’s also possible to just get a 20,000 bonus. DoC reports that some people have been successful in getting this offer to trigger by starting an application online (when logged into their account) but not completing it. This will trigger an e-mail offer later on for 20,000 points. This is obviously not guaranteed, but definitely worth a try.

Some people have also reported getting the offer by calling in and asking for it, or saying that they have seen the offer online.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

Getting this 20,000 bonus is not guaranteed, but if you want the card it’s worth testing out both methods. This is a great card to have long terms with 2X earning on all purchases up to $50K annually and no annual fee.

Let me know if you’re successful or if you have any other tricks up your sleeve.

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