American Airlines Adds Free Alcohol For Main Cabin Extra Seats

American Airlines will make some positive changes to its Main Cabin Extra seats starting this spring. The information about these enhancements comes from an internal memo, but it’s nothing groundbreaking. The main addition will be free alcohol and it brings AA up to par with its competitors.

American Airlines Adds Free Alcohol

Starting this spring customers in Main Cabin Extra will receive these additional benefits:

  • Free beer, wine and spirits, in addition to the current soft drink offering and snack selection.
  • Starting on February 1, 2018, new placards will be installed to label overhead bins over Main Cabin Extra seats as reserved for those customers only. (Flight attendants will not be responsible for monitoring the bin space)
  • Preferred boarding.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

Good news obviously, but probably the main benefit will the the addition of free beer, wine and spirits which will start sometime in the spring of this year. Overhead bin space is also a nice addition if it really works but it will be self regulated by passengers. Most people probably won’t argue over bin space if they can find it somewhere else. Preferred boarding might make it a bit easier to find space in the overhead bins anyway, but it will likely after Preferred Boarding.

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