Amazon Gift Cards Are Excluded Again From Earning TrueBlue Points

Back in July I wrote about the change in terms in the JetBlue Amazon portal that would pay out on Amazon Gift Card purchases. That change has been reverted back, and Amazon Gift Card purchases are once again excluded from earning TrueBlue points.


Hopefully JetBlue awards points for purchases made while the change was in place. I’m not sure when it was changed back, but I guess keep an eye out for your points if you’ve purchased Amazon Gift Cards recently.

What products are excluded from earning points?

  • Any product or service sold on a site linked to from the Amazon Site (e.g., a product or service listed through our “Product Ads” program or sold on a site linked to from a banner ad, sponsored link, or other link displayed on the Amazon Site);
  • Any wireless service plan offered through the Amazon Site and not sold or fulfilled by Amazon;
  • Any product, including games and other applications, sold through the Amazon Appstore for Android;
  • Any product sold on;
  • Restaurant takeout;
  • Amazon Gift Cards;
  • Any alcoholic beverage product;
  • Any digital Kindle product purchased as a subscription (e.g., Kindle newspaper subscriptions, magazine subscriptions, blog subscriptions, etc.);
  • Any free trial subscription


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