Get Alaska Airlines Priority Boarding with a Starbucks Cup

Alaska Airlines is offering priority boarding to passengers who are holding Starbucks coffee cups. The promotion between the two popular Seattle-based companies begins Thursday and ends Sunday. On top of that, Alaska said some passengers will find Starbucks treats on their seats.

Alaska Airlines Priority Boarding with a Starbucks

While a Starbucks cup will get you priority boarding, it doesn’t mean that you will be boarding first. First-class passengers and elite members of its frequent-flyer program sitting in either cabin still get to go ahead of you. Cup holders will board in the fifth boarding group.

Alaska Airlines said holiday-cup-wielding passengers don’t have to be drinking a special holiday drink from Starbucks. Regular coffee or even water will do. And the cups can even be empty, the airline said, if passengers finish their drink before the flight boards.

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