Get Ready for A Lie Detector Test Next Time You Travel to Europe

Next time you travel to Europe, you might have to pass a lie detector test. A new project called iBorderCtrl will install lie detectors at border checkpoints in Hungary, Latvia, and Greece this month for beta testing. Travelers from countries outside the European Union will be subjected to the lie detectors, answering questions via webcam.

airport Lie Detector Test

USA Today reports that these lie detectors work by analyzing microexpressions using artificial intelligence. Border guards, will also be present in case a security risk is detected.

Travelers deemed to be low-risk during a pre-screening stage will only be asked about their basic information during the lie-detection process, while passengers who may be a higher risk will receive a more detailed screening.

The technology has been tested in its current form on only 32 people, and scientists behind the project are hoping to achieve an 85% success rate.

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Only passengers who give their consent will come face-to-face with the technology in its initial trial, with consent forms available at the airports when they arrive. The system will collect data that will move beyond biometrics and on to biomarkers of deceit,” said project coordinator George Boultadakis.

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