Airbnb Adds New Feature to Highlight Extended Stays

airbnb Extended Stays

Airbnb Adds New Feature to Highlight Extended Stays

In a recent announcement that it raised an additional $1 billion, Airbnb also noted a new focus on longer-term stays.

Airbnb has changed its main landing page to highlight longer-term stays. There is now a “Monthly stays” tab that displays above the search options. The company has decided to make that a permanent feature in the portal that Airbnb hosts use to manage their listings.

Airbnb says it will have more than 1 million listings that offer monthly stays. These homes have amenities required for a longer stay, such as kitchens, laundry facilities and Wi-Fi.

Tech Crunch says that the long stays trend was already afoot in 2019. According to Airbnb, one in every seven nights booked in 2019 was for a longer-term stay. More people, such as students, doctors and nurses in residency and others, are turning to Airbnb to find housing for six to nine-month stays. Already in 2020, Airbnb said it has seen bookings for more than 600 days, with the stay so far for more than 700 days.

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