5K AU Bonus For Amex Premier Rewards Gold Card

American Express is offering a 5,000 MR bonus when you add an authorized user to your Premier Rewards Gold Card and spend 4500 within the first three months. The offer is not published anywhere I believe, but there’s plenty of reports on reddit that you’re able to have it added to your account via live chat.

amex PRG

If you have the card, just start a chat and ask the Amex rep might offer it to yor, or just ask if the offer is available for your account. Although the card comes with a $195 annual fee, you’re able to add up to 5 authorized users for free.

One word of caution, authorized user account will count towards 5/24. So it might not be worth the hassle, if you’re planning to apply for any of those restricted Chase cards.Although you’re able to remove authorized user accounts from your credit report, it is difficult to do so with Amex accounts.

Another work around to keep the authorized user account from showing on the person’s report, is to avoid entering the SS when you apply for the AU card.  If you request to add an authorized user through live chat, the SSN field is usually labeled optional.

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