$100 Lowe’s Gift Card For $90 At Staples, 3 Limit

Till September 24th, Staples is selling $100 Lowe’s gift cards with a $10 discount. These are physical cards and come with a $1.99 Secure Tracking Fee, which is included now in your final price of $90. There’s a limit 3 per customer.


If you have a Chase Ink card, then you can get 5x in UR on Staples purchases, which makes this deal much better. It’s still not good enough for gift card reselling though, since the best selling offer right now is at 81%. That would be like buying UR points at slightly 2 cents a piece.

It would make sense though if you’re planning any purchases at Lowe’s.

I don’t believe there’s any shopping portals that pay out on gift card purchases at Staples.

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