$100 eBay Gift Card for only $95 Plus 5% With Ink

You can buy $100 eBay Gift Card for only $95 through PayPal Digital Giftcards. The gift card will be sent out with email delivery to the email address associated with your PayPal account.


There’s a limit of two per buyer, and there’s about 18,000 left.

You won’t earn any eBay Bucks when buying eBay gift cards, but you will get 5% if you pay with your Ink card through PayPal. Don’t forget about cashback portals, although it’s very YMMV on eBay gift cards. TopCashBack is offering 1.1% cash back today on eBay purchases. iConsumer a relatively new portal is offering 1.3% ($20 cap per month).

You can’t rollover old ebay gift cards anymore, but this is a good opportunity to use up your earned eBay Bucks to keep them from expiring, besides making a small profit.

2 thoughts on “$100 eBay Gift Card for only $95 Plus 5% With Ink

  1. Thoughts on using this on more than one account? I’ve received the dreaded mc999 notice in the past, informing me not to buy the same promotional item across accounts, but this one is ebay so I do wonder. Oh well, don’t want to let greed get the better of me. I’ll probably play it safe and stick to one account.

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