$10 Off $150 Visa And Mastercard Gift Cards At Safeway, Vons, ACME Etc.

Supermarket rewards programs Just4U and MyMixx have a digital coupon for a discount on Visa and Mastercard Gift Cards. Get $10 off when you purchase a $150 Visa® or Mastercard gift card. The offer is available at Safeway, Vons, ACME and other supermarkets that use these programs.

Just4U Link | MyMixx Link

$10 Off $150 Visa

The bad part is that there’s a limit one (1) offer per account, but it’s possible to have more than one account. Still, if you have a location nearby, you could get $500 variable load Visa gift card for $495.95 plus your credit card points. However, make sure that the discount is being applied to variable load cards, since they weren’t working last time around.

Offer Terms

  • Limit 1 per household.
  • One-time Store Coupon
  • Expires: 11/28/2017
  • Club Card required

Guru’s Wrap-Up

The discount already gives you a negative cost Visa or Mastercard Gift card and you can also get credit card points. Don’t forget to use one of the Best Credit Cards For Supermarkets And Grocery Stores.

HT: Doctor of Credit

3 thoughts on “$10 Off $150 Visa And Mastercard Gift Cards At Safeway, Vons, ACME Etc.

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  2. While a little more work, surely the best use of this deal is $200 Everywhere VGC’s with just a $4.95 fee. Not only do these get 2X fuel points (as the $500’s vgc/mcgc’s don’t get any), and per $500 of spend you will make $12.84 cashback using a 5% cb cc, like the Amex OBC. Of course you have to have many accounts (i.e individual phone #’s), and it does take longer at the checkouts!

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