You Can Ride Citi Bike For Free Today (NYC)

Whether you’ve used Citi Bike before or not, today’s your chance to use the bike share program for free. In celebration of New York City’s first-ever Car-Free Earth Day, Citi Bike will offer free rides on Friday to anyone who signs up for one online.


All you need to do is go on the Citi Bike website, enter your name and email address (you can opt out of promotional mailings), and you’ll be sent a code to redeem a 24-hour access pass that’ll be valid at any of Citi Bike’s stations today. When you pick up your bike, you’ll select “24-Hour Access Pass,” and will be prompted to swipe your credit card, but you can then enter your free ride code.

A “24-Hour Access Pass” has a value of $9.95.

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