Wyndham Simplifies its Reward Program, 15K Flat Rate

I stayed at Wyndham properties before but I have never looked much into their points program since it changes very often and it usually devaluated without notice. However now they are simplifying their Wyndham Rewards program and they’re introducing a flat rate for all of their properties.

Wyndham Rewards

  • Go Free – With just 15,000 points, you earn a FREE NIGHT at any Wyndham Rewards hotel
  • Go Fast – With 3,000 points plus some cash you can stay at any Wyndham Rewards hotel
  • Go Get’Em – You’ll get 10 points for every dollar spend or 1000 points on every qualified stay, whichever is more

Before, Wyndham had tiered pricing for their hotels. Nine tiers, with Tier 1 being the cheapest. The changes make the first four tiers more expensive but the top five tiers cheaper. The good thing is that there are no blackout dates, so availability will be the same, whether you’re paying in cash or with points.

Barclaycard Wyndham

These are the two available cards right now to earn Wyndham Rewards quickly. Singe the rewards program changed, there might be changes coming to these cards as well. I’m thinking of applying myself once I do another round of applications, but I’ll have to see what the offer will look like by then.

3 thoughts on “Wyndham Simplifies its Reward Program, 15K Flat Rate

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  2. Wyndham properties are my least go-to hotels because most of them are not well maintained, if not outright falling apart. Therefore, 15K per night for their low end properties is a worse spend IMO.

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